12 in 12

January 30, 2017 | 7 years ago

Arbor Apps is, at its core, a service to develop other company's (or individual's) products.

In 2017, it still will be. But we are also aiming to launch 12 of our own "products" (app, website, service, etc) over the course of the year as well. In the past, we have developed our own apps (we have a bunch of smallish, utility focused apps), but these 12 are intended to be larger, more intentionally viable products.

Today we are announcing two of those products.

  1. GifBooks ( A service for creating flipbooks of your favorite GIFs. We aren't fully in production yet, but we are live and accepting orders. We hope to be fully operational within the month. It will be our first foray into a "real", tangible product.

  2. Moonlight. This isn't a brand new product- one of the first apps we ever created was TimeTracker/TimeTrakkr, (the naming was rudimentary and transient), a time tracking app for freelancers. It is more of a rebranding, and a an overhauling of an already mildly viable product.

    It is already decently popular, especially with macOS users. We've rewritten it from the ground up and added a ton of new features, especially to the iOS version- it is now much more than an app that saves timers. Moonlight is a full featured app that handles everything a freelancer requires- expense tracking (scan/capture documents), trip tracking (mileage), note tracking, and invoice filing (Freshbooks integration). It still fully syncs and updates with our also brand-new macOS version. We're proud of this app and use it ourselves (obviously).

Anyway, we are aiming to write more blogs along our journey as (we come up with and) release these products. We'll do a more in-depth look at each project as well.