Best Sports Bet Trackers on iOS

March 26, 2019 | 4 years ago

Top 3 Sports Bet Tracking Apps on iOS

iPhones are great. Convenience and a whole library of apps at your fingertips. For the sports lover, there is an array of app options to follow your teams, favorite athletes, and big games and storylines.

But what about gamblers, bettors, wagerers? They aren't your average, run-of-the-mill sports fan. How can they keep track of their sports bets? Of course there are apps for them too! Which ones are the best? We've done the dirty work and compiled a list of our favorites below:

#1 JUICE: Sports Bet Tracker (4.8 stars)

If you value both form and function, JUICE is for you. Of the three we've tested, its the easiest on the eyes and the easiest to navigate. There's not much if any fluff or BS. The whole app can basically boil down to 3 screens:

1) Current/upcoming/recent bets: You can see your live wagers at glance. It's like an auto-updating feed of everything you care about. 2) History: This is the killer feature. Awesome graphs to see how you've peformed in various timeframes. 3) Add Bets: It's simple to add a bet, set odds, and risk amount. The best we've seen for quickly inputting, verifying, and submitting a bet slip.

If any of those are one of the most important things you are looking for in a sports bet tracker, give the JUICE app a look. For the typical gambler, we'd be willing to bet JUICE will work out for you. It's FREE so can't hurt to check it out and see if it works for you.

Download JUICE: Sports Bet Tracker on the App Store

#2 Action (4.1 Stars)

Action is a very good app, no doubt about it. The app offers nice bet tracking, although the user interface is a bit clunky at times. If you need help choosing your wagers, there is a shipload of information on upcoming contests. Overall, a lot of functionality for a free app.

Download Action on the App Store

#3 Heatr (3.5 stars)

This is a solid app. It tracks bets and has pretty much every sport you could think of. The app itself leaves something to be desired but functionally it does the job.

Download Heatr on the App Store