ImageDeveloper's Note

This iOS app was developed by Kurt Jensen.

Jan 2016

How is your day going? If it’s going great, then Green Owl your friends, family or co-workers to let them know. If your day is not going great, then Red owl the same group. The Orloe app is visual management of how your days are going.

Orloe is a new twist on social networking. Based on your phone's contact list, you can create custom groups of people, and keep them updated with what's going on in your life with hoots from Orloe!

Have a great report-out at work, or ace that chemistry test? Send your family a green hoot.

Flat tire on the way to work? Red hoot with a picture to your co-workers.

Or maybe you're having an average, OK day. Send a hoot just to yourself, with a note about the day's activities.

You can send and reply to hoots with other Orloe users, and also send texts and emails to people who don't have the app.

Over time, you'll be able to look back on your hoots, and see what type of week or month you've been having.

Keep your friends, family, and business contacts up to date with Orloe.