ImageDeveloper's Note

This app was developed by Kurt Jensen.

Objective-C, Parse.

Aug 2014

First ever circle-route creator based on distance! Find the perfect running, biking, walking, or driving route quickly. Exploring new areas has never been easier. Build custom routes and share them with friends!

Want to run a 3 mile loop? This app gives users the ability to set a distance and build a route which starts and ends at the same place.

App Features Include:

Genius Route: The easiest way to build a loop based on current location. Pick a distance, and we do the rest.

Landmark Route: Looking to explore? Create a custom route, run, or tour by dropping pins on places you’d like to go. You can easily create a custom tour.

Snap Route: Freehand draw a route with your finger and we'll build your route by snapping it to the closest road.

Elevation: Know what you’re up against before you go. All of our features give insight to what kind of hills you’ll be encountering along the way.

Sharing: Share your created routes with friends, meet up, and explore the town.

Run Tracking: Export your custom routes to NavRun and NavRide and experience turn by turn voice navigation with GPS fitness tracking for your runs and bike rides. No more getting lost.

Contact us if you would like to add our features your app or website.

OUR STORY: We built this app to help raise money to install clean drinking water wells in Kenya.

Thank you everyone!