THSuite Check-In

ImageDeveloper's Note

This iOS app was contracted by THSuite LLC and developed 100% by Kurt Jensen.

Swift 4.

Feb 2018

THSuite Patient Check In is designed specifically for legal medical marijuana dispensaries using THSuite POS software. It transforms the patient check in process at the dispensary into one seamless and easy to use iPad app. Accurately tracking new and returning patients, THSuite Patient Check In allows for a quick and easy registration and check in process for both patients and staff. Patients can scan IDs and electronically sign all forms using the app before making their purchases. After the information is submitted with the app, patients are informed of their spot in the queue and how much product they have remaining for purchase, preparing them for an effortless visit.

How It Works:

  1. Download THSuite Patient Check In
  2. Login with your dispensary information
  3. Add patients to queue by scanning ID
  4. Patients verify information and sign medical forms

Main Features:

  • Paperless check in
  • Safe and Secure Patient Tracking
  • Scans IDs to automatically bring up patient information
  • Instantly informs patients of their spot in the queue
  • Stays 100% compliant to state regulations

** THSuite Patient Check In is only compatible with THSuite POS Software. Subscription to THSuite is required for use.