ImageDeveloper's Note

This app was developed by Kurt Jensen.

Swift 3.

Aug 2016

"Social Media was originally intended to bring dispersed people together. It seems people have begun using Social Media as a crutch rather than a tool. We allow users to maintain online digital connectivity while encouraging offline interactions." — ObviPop Founders

ObviPop uses Geofence technology to detect users within your immediate locality (100 feet). When a user is detected “In Your Bubble”, our app allows you to request a connection. Upon connection users virtually “Handshake”, sharing their emails and phone number while simultaneously connecting on all social media platforms. Additionally, a contact is made in each user’s mobile device. The central goal of ObviPop is to “Resolve the Digital Divide”.

You can only connect with another ObviPop user if you are standing right in front of them in person.

ObviPop is:

Tapping into the Online-to-Offline (O2O) Revolution.

Cooperatively aligning ourselves with Social Media/Networking Giants.

A part of a rapidly emerging movement of Data Science & Analytics.

ObviPop could be used for:

Paperless Networking — An enhanced paperless networking utility that exchanges general information and social media accounts between users.

Nightlife — A live & interactive Online-to-Offline user experience Any type of attendance — Once a class starts for the day all students will be automatically checked in as as group. (Upon each institution’s request.)

Event Planning — To plan, execute, and digitally document gatherings/events.