ImageDeveloper's Note

This flagship iOS app was contracted by GO-PHOR and developed 100% by Kurt Jensen.

Swift, Firebase.

Feb 2022

Go-phor is a fast, easy and affordable delivery app.

It is Lyft or Uber for your stuff! From delivering important documents or a laptop with your work presentation to your office to picking up a new washer and dryer and delivering it to your doorstep, we do it all. Go-phor is your affordable personal messenger solution. If you forget to grab a tool at the hardware store and can't leave your workspace in the middle of a project, use a Go-phor. Forgot your wallet? Have a Go-phor bring it to you. At just a dollar per mile and 25 cents a minute, anyone can afford to use it every day!

This innovative application allows you to have whatever you want to be delivered to wherever you want. Just select the pickup and drop off locations on your smartphone and the Go-phor will take care of the rest!